Taz is an Aggie Dog



One of Taz's family members was a student at Texas A&M University at the time of the bonfire accident.  Taz had visited the university campus many times and considers himself an Aggie dog.

Taz's brother was heavily involved in the Aggie bonfire project when tragedy struck in the fall of 1999.  He had spent hours cutting logs and then wiring them at the base of the stack prior to placement on the stack.  Fortunately, he was not working the night of the tragedy and was not hurt physically, but lost several friends and acquaintances.

The hearts and minds of everyone in the Aggie family join in the grief and in remembrance of those who were lost in the bonfire tragedy.  Our prayers go out to their families.

Taz's brother and family were especially shaken by this tragedy.  Taz's unconditional love for his family and his licks on our faces were very helpful to us in coping with that period in our lives.

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