Taz's Outdoor World

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Welcome to my outdoor world.  Please join me in a tour of my backyard.  This is my playland and I guard it proudly.  I like to protect my playland and my family from those nasty vicious birds, bunnies, and squirrels that sometimes try to trespass on my territory. 

If you click on the pictures, you can see them in full size.

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This is the way out.  I can go in and out whenever I please.  I like to stick my nose out the door and sniff the air a lot.


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When I want to come back in, I just go back through my door.  It's always open!


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This is my side yard.


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This is where I get the rocks I like to bring in to Mom.


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This is the bird tree.  One day I will be able to jump high enough and I will get one of those mean birds.


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If you look over this way, you will see my favorite bushes.  I like to go in them and explore.


Hey look!  Mom and Dad replaced my fence and stained it.  It looks much better now.

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Thank you for coming on a tour of my back yard.  Please come again!