Are You Ready for Some Football?  Taz is!

Taz has his own fantasy football team again in 2004 in the CBS Sportsline Buckeye Sports League.  This is the sixth year of the TazTerriers.  In the first year, 1999, the TazTerriers won the league championship.  In 2002 the team had an off season.  TazTerriers 2002 Regular Season Record: Wins 2 Losses 12 Ties 0

TazTerriers 2003 Season Record in the Christian Soldiers Football League: Wins 11  Losses 5 Ties 0.  The TazTerriers finished the regular 2003 season with the best record in the Christian Soldiers Football League and made the playoffs!  They won the first round game and made it to the league championship game, but didn't quite have enough left in them to win.

Taz Terriers 2004 Final Record:  Buckeye Sports League

Wins 7  Losses 7  Ties 0