Taz woke up on Christmas morning and went about his business as usual.  He seemed fine and had fully recovered from his illness of about a month ago.  At about 8:20 AM, Taz was out in his back yard barking and he came back in the kitchen.  He walked over by the island in the kitchen and collapsed.  Within a few minutes his breathing had stopped and he was gone.

Obviously, his family (his pack) was devastated by the suddenness of his passing and we will grieve his departure for a long time.  Taz was a part of our lives for almost 11 years.  We will celebrate his life and remember all of the joy, comfort, companionship, loyalty and doggy love that he brought to his pack. 

As the pack diminishes, it will grow again.  Stay tuned, and soon you will be introduced to "Tex:  The Dog Formerly Known As Prince".  This will not be a replacement, but will be a continuation of the dog/human pack relationship that Taz helped to create.