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Ohio State defeats Michigan and goes to the Fiesta Bowl where they win the College Football national championship!  The Buckeyes go 14-0 for the 2002 season.

  14  9

In 2004, Ohio State again crushes Michigan!  While the Wolverines get lucky and still go to the Rose Bowl, they go as losers.  Ohio State's record for the 2004 season against Michigan:  1-0.

  37  21

In 2005, Ohio State again defeats Michigan!

  25  21

In 2006, both Ohio State and Michigan enter the game with perfect 11-0 records.  After the game, only the Wolverines are known as losers.  Ohio State's record for the 2006 regular season:  11-0 against many worthy opponents and 1-0 against Michigan.

  42  39

(Note:  The final score of the 2006 game does not reflect Ohio State's dominance over Michigan during the game.  The Wolverines kept it close due to a lot of help from the Big Ten officiating crew.)

  In 2007, another Buckeye victory.  Goodbye Lloyd.  You were a pain in the beginning, we loved you in the end.

  14  3

The trend continues in 2008:  The Buckeyes win.  (The Rich Rodriguez era begins at Michigan.)

  42  7

Six in a row.  Rodriguez understands the new tradition at Michigan:  Lose to Ohio State.

  21  10