Taz's Friends

This page is for photos of Taz's friends and acquaintances.


Taz says hello to Ray and Princess:

    I see you Ray.

Ray and Princess are from Texas.

Good ole Tom.  He was a true Australian.     

Tom lived with Taz's Auntie and Uncle in Brisbane, Australia.


Sushi.jpg (69030 bytes)

This is Härkmoen´s Spader Dam, who goes by the name Sushi.

Sushi lives in Sweden!  (You can visit her breeder by clicking here.)


Sabre2.JPG (25998 bytes) Sabre - "gone but not forgotten"


Ashley's friends:

Buddy      Cheyenne


Carmen's friends:

Molly - "fondly remembered" 



Tessa's Puppies:



Not quite a puppy: